Your security checklist to protect your workplace this holiday season

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As the December holidays draw closer, most businesses will either shut-down entirely for the season or operate using skeleton staff. While, for others, this is their busiest time of the year and they remain operational for longer hours. Regardless of how your business adapts to the festive season, one fact remains, it is peak time for criminals, with armed robberies and break-ins spiking.

Therefore, it is imperative to inspect your building premises from top to bottom to ensure that you are adequately protected and this will also allow you to identify and rectify potential danger zones or weak spots in your security.

The best and most organised way to do this is to draw up a "security checklist" which will provide clarity on where your weaknesses lie. This is especially important if your premises is located in a shopping mall or a building with shared access.

To guide you through this process we have put together a checklist that will help you decide if you have all the necessary security measures in place before the start of the festive season. 

Are your windows and gates structurally sound?

Criminals can easily take advantage of structural weaknesses around security gates, window frames and burglar bars. There are many instances where they lift up security gates to gain entry, force open burglar bars with crowbars, or just simply shatter windows. Fortunately, these weaknesses can be overcome with the right safeguards such as ensuring that your security gates and window frames are properly installed and not loose, and all windows should be covered with burglar-resistant glass or bars. 

Did you change your locks recently?

Locks are the next priority on the checklist - whether you're securing doors, skylights, windows or other openings, these need to be changed regularly and deadbolts need to be used where necessary. Locks that are not changed regularly, are at high risk of being accessed by fired or disgruntled employees who want to cause damage to your business premises. Unscrupulous employees may even duplicate keys to gain entry. Alternatively, if you have digital office door locks, you can simply change the code.

Are your points of entry lit up?

If your business is open during the festive season, then all points of entry need to be lit up, including the roof and parking areas. Good lighting provides great visibility on the activity going on around you and is an effective deterrent for criminals who prefer buildings with bad lighting as this creates cover for them. Good lighting also eliminates shadows, which criminals use as hiding areas. The best lighting you can install in your business premises is motion sensor lights and floodlights. Furthermore, if you have CCTV cameras and/or security patrols, good lighting will enhance video quality and security guards will be more equipped to monitor the activity around them. 

Is your alarm set correctly?

If you have an alarm system in place, make sure that you and your staff understand how it works, how to set the alarm when you leave, important phone numbers to know and where the panic buttons are located. Then you can take it a step further and post warnings that your business is being monitored 24/7. 

Remember, criminals have a knack of gaining access in the most unconventional ways, so it is up to you to provide fewer opportunities for entry. And the more secure your business is the greater chance of you having a stress-free and enjoyable festive season. 

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